Research And Development (R&D)

The core research themes at Enieco include artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, robot, next-generation communications & visual technology and security. In particular, it is expanding its research scope to new promising fields to realize a new lifestyle based on AI technologies.

The objective of academic and institutional R&D is to obtain new knowledge, which may or may not be applied to practical uses. In contrast, the objective of industrial R&D is to obtain new knowledge, applicable to the company’s business needs, that even-tually will result in new or improved products, processes, systems, or services that can increase the company’s sales and profits.

Our range of services encompass every are-na of customer support. Our application and product-based support cover the within app migrations,configuration management, user and feature support, usability training or demo, data analysis and reporting. Our technical help desk services are run by a knowledgeable team and provide user training too.

Our team will always keep you updated with periodic reports and other larger analysis or observations. You can thus save on your time, money and resources while we provide all these services. Get a plan tailor-made to suit your in-dustry and domain and leave the rest on us.

We take care of your business and company like our own, and help you not just in customer as-sistance, but building a fan-base who will stick to you and vouch for you, always.

Research And Development